Fully decentralized, peer-to-peer on/off ramp, for developing countries.

You can exchange crypto-currency for regular currency and vice versa.

Zk-proofs powered by Reclaim

Why P2PX?

Non-custodial, Secure & Superfast

Fully Decentralised
P2PX is built with smart contracts that are governed by the P2PX DAO.

We are the world's first decentralized alternative to centralized P2P exchanges.
Blazing Fast P2P

Liquidity on P2PX is facilitated by active peers located around the world.

Settlements are seamless and Blazing-fast.

Secure & Reliable
Peers are selected to fulfill transactions using a "Proof-of-Credibility" algorithm, which guarantees the reliability of every single transaction.

Non Custodial KYC

Zk-KYC on P2PX is Non-Custodial

On P2PX, KYC is done using Zk-Proofs and this completely guards user privacy.

As a fully decentralised platform built, owned and operated by the community, KYC norms on P2PX are governed by its users and not any centralised agency or one individual.

Zero Gas

Gas Less, using Account Abstraction.

All gas fees are sponsored in perpetuity by the P2PX DAO. P2PX app uses account abstraction to fund gas costs incurred by the user.


How does P2PX address the "Bank account freezing" issue?

( Check this twitter thread : https://twitter.com/P2PX_finance/status/1724788963138002959 )

At P2PX, addressing the critical issue of bank account freezing is a top priority for us. We understand the concerns surrounding fraudulent funds and the risks they pose to users' bank accounts. To tackle this, we've implemented a robust on-chain reputation system. This system ensures that all participants in our network are highly vetted and trustworthy, drastically reducing the chances of fraudulent transactions that could trigger bank freezes.

By limiting transactions within a community of verified and trusted individuals, we significantly minimize the risk of suspicious activities that often lead to account freezing. Through these measures, we aim to provide a safe and reliable platform for P2P transactions, ensuring that our users' bank accounts remain secure and unfrozen.

It's highly unlikely for your bank account to be freezed by cyber-cell from using P2PX. After extensive research into account freeze scams, we've determined that 90% of these scams occur due to the following reasons:

Impersonation Fraud: Scammers deceive peer-to-peer (P2P) sellers by creating fake accounts and placing orders to buy cryptocurrency. Once they obtain a seller's bank details, they already have another unsuspecting victim lined up, ready to transfer money. The scammer convinces this victim to send money to the cryptocurrency seller's bank account. Believing they've received legitimate funds, the seller then transfers cryptocurrency to the scammer. Eventually, the victim realizes they've been duped and reports the incident to cybercrime authorities. As a result, the authorities freeze the seller's bank account and issue them a notice, even though the seller was not at fault.

How is P2PX Addressing Impersonation Fraud?

On P2PX, it's only possible to buy $50 per transaction, and we limit users to a maximum of three transactions per day. This limitation makes it operationally difficult for fraudsters to deceive victims into making multiple transactions. As a result, fraudsters tend to gravitate towards other platforms, like Binance P2P, where no such limits exist.

Chargeback Fraud: After a crypto buyer receives their cryptocurrency, having sent INR to the seller's bank account, they might falsely report the seller to the cybercell, claiming they were deceived into sending money. This prompts the cybercell to freeze the seller's bank account.

How does P2PX Mitigate Chargeback Fraud?

On P2PX, all merchants buying cryptocurrency by receiving INR into their account undergo face-to-face verification. Their KYCs and bank accounts are verified, and they're incentivised to maintain trustworthiness. If they commit any fraud, they permanently lose their "merchant status" on the network. This effectively eliminates the possibility of chargeback fraud.

How can I increase my transaction limit to more than a 100 USDT?

P2PX incorporates a reputation system. The reputation system ensures that the users who want to increase their account limits are not scammers or fraudsters.

By participating in specific tasks on, users can enhance their account limits. The reputation features can be accessed on the profile page within the P2PX app.

What if I put up a P2P request after 9 pm in the app?

During nighttime hours, there might be a delay in transactions due to counterparties potentially being asleep. 

Why is there no IOS App?

We are expanding to multiple platforms by launching a Progressive Web App (PWA) soon. Our goal is to roll it out before February 24.

Will the P2PX team help if there are some legal issues after using P2PX?

On P2PX the chances of account getting frozen less than 1 out of 10,000 transactions. Our community will help you send a legal notice to cybercrime cell to help you unfreeze your account.

However, We do not hold any liability for the losses you incur if cybercrime freezes your account.